Yarauvi is like no other burial site you’ve ever seen. You’ve likely never heard of it before because it doesn’t actually exist… yet. Yarauvi is a mystical, floating necropolis of your dreams that could have the ultimate potential of becoming an international symbol of unity and peace. 

Yarauvi was an architectural blueprint envisioned a few years ago by Miró Rivera Architects. As they describe, it would be “a place where any person – regardless of nationality, race, religion or affluence – can be laid to rest.” There would be no restrictions in Yarauvi, and every burial would further promote the simple and ever-necessary message of an unwavering and eternal peace on Earth.

 “Yarauvi is a place where any person—regardless of nationality, race, religion, age or affluence—can be laid to rest. By choosing this site as a final resting place, any citizen of the world can contribute to a growing monument to tolerance, reconciliation and unity.” 

Yarauvi would be built in the very centre of the dead sea, an area often enveloped in conflict by the surrounding nations of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. The structure itself would be in the shape of a giant bowl, floating above the Dead Sea’s infamously buoyant waters. Bodies would then be laid to rest facing one another lining the circular interior of the bowl. Its aesthetic beauty can not be put into words, take a look at the pictures below or check out the video to truly grasp Yarauvi’s grandeur.

The journey to Yarauvi would be just as mystical as the structure itself. You would travel by boat, with your closest loved ones, to the giant labyrinth contained in the outside walls of the necropolis. After navigating to the centre, you would be lifted to your final burial spot in the bowl above. Your loved ones would be content in knowing that you have left a statement behind for the living to work towards inclusivity and peace.

Mixed-faith burials places are not uncommon anymore, as families are expanding and becoming more multi-cultural. While this change might not be as present in every part of the world, Yarauvi if built, would have the potential to be a revolutionary symbol for unity among different religions and cultures.


Shout out to Order of the Good Death

By Matthew Dessner


  1. Great idea and all but i bet that if it was built in the middle of the dead sea, it might be at risk of damage or tampering by religious conservatives

    1. Hey Brian! Any type of peaceful act or project always has that kind of risk associated with it. The positive potential in Yarauvi would hopefully outweigh these risks.

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