Qeepr is excited to announce the latest edition of #TalkDeath: Episode 3: Bodies & Forensic Science! Bodies after death, bodies on television, decomposing bodies and bodies under the scalpel. Bodies are all equally beautiful, intriguing and completely kept under wraps.

Hosts Mandy and Jeremy will be diving head first into this subject with retired Deputy Medical Investigator, owner of 1-800-AUTOPSY and Hollywood consultant Vidal Herrera LIVE on YouTube on March 18th @ 12pm EST(9am PST). Vidal has assisted with over 19,000 autopsies during his career and knows everything there is to know about bodies, death and forensic science.

We will be taking your questions live on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram as well as broadcasting your video questions to Vidal. But we want to know your burning questions now so start sending us them via social media with the hashtag #TalkDeath.
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The mission of #TalkDeath is to promote discussion about life’s big questions on death and dying from different perspectives. #TalkDeath hosts professionals whose approaches to death and dying come from varied backgrounds and we are excited to facilitate a lively, open and honest discussion about the questions you are ‘dying’ to have answered!


Episode 3: Bodies & Forensic Science is about what happens to us after we die and the professionals who deal with our bodies. Murder, suicide or natural causes, forensic scientists and morticians have the difficult task of determining cause of death, sometimes against the better judgement of police officers and families. What happens when a body decomposes? How can you tell the difference between a murder and suicide? What are the biggest differences between Crime Scene Investigation shows and real life? If you are curious about any of these questions, tune in live on March 18th!


#TalkDeath Episode 3: Bodies & Forensic Science will air live on YouTube on March 18th @ 12pm EST(9am PST). Click Here to RSVP!


Death maimed me, death sustained me, death motivates me

Vidal Herrera, Founder of 1-800-AUTOPSY, has assisted with over 19,000 autopsies during his career of 40 years in Forensics. A retired Deputy Medical Investigator ( now referred as CSI Crime Scene Investigator) for the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner Coroner. Vidal became an accidental entrepreneur (Morgue Prop Rentals & Coffin Couches) segueing his experience and knowledge as a technical consultant for big budget hollywood movies, recently Concussion, and various television crime scene shows all while providing private autopsies. Based in East Los Angeles, Vidal and his team provide autopsy services to the public, procurement services for various research institutions, hospitals and the legal profession. Sometimes the bodies that pass through his laboratory have died under suspicious and mysterious circumstances and it is under his skillful scalpel that a suicide will be revealed to a possible PC 187 ‘Homicide’. Vidal has built a forensic empire and is looking forward to answering any and all of your burning questions about bodies, death and Forensic Science.

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  1. What happens when your findings don’t match with what the police think happened?

    1. Thanks for your question Michael!

  2. What is the hardest news you’ve had to tell a family? #TalkDeath

  3. Do you speak to the spirit of the Still Heart before your work? (i mean addressing them in some solemn way before cutting)
    Thank You in advance for your response

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