What do you buy that special goth in your life who has everything? Is there someone who won’t stop talking about advance directives, that you suspect might be death positive? With the holidays fast approaching, here is our 2019 death positive holiday gift guide. You can check out more gift recommendations from TalkDeath here and here

*Just so you know, all of the products in this guide were selected by the TalkDeath team. We are not receiving compensation from any of the sellers to promote their products. TalkDeath may however collect a share of sales through the affiliate links used – which is a great way to support us, and we appreciate it! 

2019 Death Positive Holiday Gift Guide

Artificialia Room

death positive holiday gift guide

If the one you are shopping for is in love with the strange and unusual, whether it’s the love of oddities in bell jars, curiosities in frames, unique Victorian stationery or vintage apothecary labels, Artificialia Room is sure to have a small gift that will appeal to the macabre collector. Each small piece is crafted with care right down to the smallest of details. A must have for anyone’s Oddities and Curiosities display.

Price: $20-75

PyroPet Candles

Want to remind someone you love of the impermanence of life? Want to tell a friend that all that will remain of them one day will be their bones? Well then this might be the right gift to light their fire. This beautiful modern candle by PyroPet Candles makes a wonderful piece on its own. Unlike regular candles, which melt into the ether, lighting these on fire reveals a beautiful metal skeleton underneath. A gift for those who like the pretty side of the macabre. Options include, but are not limited to: cats, dogs, owls, unicorns, and even dinosaurs!

Price: $34

Omnia Jewelry

death positive holiday gift guide

Looking for some fine crafted jewellery with a dash of the occult? Omnia Jewelry has you covered with themes of seances and death–you can even purchase a mini graveyard to sit eternally on your loved ones finger. They are a pair of American based artists, established in 2013, who specialize in high quality rings, amulets and earrings that are, as they state on their site, “crafted with pure magic.”

Price: $100-500

Courtney Brooke Photography

Buying a gift for the art loving goth in your life? While not specifically dealing with death, Courtney Brooke’s prints are dark, mystical and macabre. Her use of props, masks, dreamy colors and mystical dreamscapes make her photographs a great addition to any home. Her prints also come on tote bags, t-shirts, scarves and more.

Price: 20$+

Keeper Memorial Pagedeath positive holiday gift guide

Sometimes the best gifts are free. This holiday season, why not collaborate with family or friends to make an online memorial celebrating the life of a loved one? Or you can get started on crafting your own legacy! You can collect photographs, write a biography, create a family tree, post your favorite memories and then share it with those you love. Keeper memorials are customizable, easy to use and absolutely free. Sharing a lifetime of memories has never been easier.

Price: Free

AJ Hawkins Art

You might know AJ Hawkins from The Reclamation Series – An Exploration of Human Decomposition and the Nutrient Cycle. AJ is a death positive artist who explores human decomposition. Any natural burial and decay fans on your gift list? Want to remind your loved one that one day they will die and slowly decay back into the natural order? Send them a beautiful print, sticker, poster or shirt!

Price: $4-350

Plum and Posey

Do you have a lover of history on your list? Plum and Posey creates her pieces from her wide collection of Georgian and Victorian wax seals. She offers jewelry of exceptional craftsmanship that celebrates the past and the deep and complex meanings of the seals, while incorporating themes such as hope, courage, strength and inspiration, amongst many others. Each piece includes the meaning and history of the seal to help create a deeper connection; such as the skeleton that symbolizes hope and life and is a pictorial symbol of the Latin motto ‘Memento Mori, Memento Vivere’ or ‘Remember you must die, so remember to live’.

Price: $90+

Dead Love Print Co.

Trying to dig up a gift for someone more low key on your list? Dead Love Print Co. creates playful skeleton prints on t-shirts, patches and totes that include skeletons in love, partying and even playing arcade games. They are based out of Montreal and create high quality pieces with clean, simple, and playful designs.

Price: $5-30

Books, Books, & Books!

You can never go wrong with the gift of a good book. In Iceland, they even have a special name for gifting books on Christmas: Jolabokaflod. There are many great Death Positive books out there you can dig up for the holidays, so we put together a list of some of our favourites! Let us know if we missed any, or what your favourite book is!

Bone & Busk

death positive holiday gift guide

Looking for some gothic couture that is also ethically friendly? Bone & Busk by Katharina Mior operates in the heart of Toronto’s famous Fashion District, Queen st. West, crafting authentic true bespoke corsetry, ready to wear and couture. Their philosophy is slow and low: locally manufactured, designed in-house using ethically sourced fabrics and materials. They create everything from skull scarves, snakeskin waist cinchers and velvet tunics, to custom corsets and gowns all with a gothic flair.

Price: $90+


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