We are excited to announce the 5th edition of our #TalkDeath series, Who Owns Your Body: Funeral Law & Rights, USA Edition. 

Funeral law specialist Tanya Marsh and chair of the National Home Funeral Alliance, Lee Webster, will be speaking with Qeepr LIVE on July 7th @ 3:30pm EST on YouTube. Our experts will answer any questions you might have about funeral law, burial alternatives and your legal rights after you die. Want to scatter ashes in the ocean, want to be buried under a tree or leave your body for the vultures? Find out what you CAN and CANNOT do by asking your questions now on Social Media with #TalkDeath.
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#TalkDeath: Who Owns Your Body?


Episode 5: Who Owns Your Body: Funeral Law & Rights is about what happens to us after we die and our legal rights to dispose of and manage bodies in America. The way we die and handle the dead in America has radically shifted over the past 200 years. There was a time when families held complete control of bodies after death. Death was once embodied and participatory; we held funerals in the home, washed and dressed corpses ourselves and buried the dead within the bounds of our community. But jurisdictional changes and cultural changes have brought us to the point where we have lost control. Death is hidden behind the hospital wall and in the funeral home viewing room.

We at Qeepr get asked constantly about our rights after death. Can I keep a body at home? Do I need to be embalmed? Can I be buried in my backyard or under a tree on public land? With laws changing between federal, state and province, the answers can be hard to find! Tanya Marsh has written 2 books about funeral law and teaches at Wake Forest School of Law. Lee Webster and the National Home Funeral Alliance have been fighting for families and the dead for years. They run advocacy programs, offer certifications and work closely with the public.


#TalkDeath Episode 5:Who Owns Your Body: Funeral Law & Rights, USA Edition will air live on YouTube on July 7th @ 3:30pm EST(12:30pm PST). Click Here to RSVP!

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via orderofthegooddeath.org


Tanya Marsh 2015Tanya Marsh teaches Property, Real Estate Transactions, a Seminar on Law, Business, and the Economy, Funeral and Cemetery Law, and Professional Development. Importantly, her scholarship addresses the laws regarding the status, treatment, and disposition of human remains. Tanya has written extensively on funeral law, including the newly released, 586 page “Cemetery Law: The Common Law of Burying Grounds in the United States.” Tanya’s funeral law blog is a great resource for all issues concerning burial, cremation and other funerary practices.

Lee blueLee Webster is a member of the Green Burial Council, the National Home Funeral Alliance and has 30 years of working experience with hospice, healthcare, and conservation-based nonprofits. She is also the director of New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education & Advocacy. Between these obligations and public lecturing, Lee is obviously a very busy woman. Her work is helping shift the conversation back to participatory funerary practices and greater community involvement.


The mission of #TalkDeath is to promote discussion about life’s big questions on death and dying from different perspectives. #TalkDeath hosts professionals whose approaches to death and dying come from varied backgrounds and we are excited to facilitate a lively, open and honest discussion about the questions you are ‘dying’ to have answered!

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  1. Hello! Love this topic. My wife is Jewish but she wants to be cremated. Her family is very against the idea. If she died, what sort of legal protection would she have?

  2. […] of disposition other than burial or cremation in the United States. On Episode #5 of Qeepr’s #TalkDeath web series, Lee Webster and I were asked about the legality of Tibetan sky burial, having a body mummified or […]

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