Qeepr is proud to introduce our first Live Q&A session about death, life and everything in between. Qeepr will be broadcasting our live #talkdeath roundtable discussion on March 12th @ 4pm, EST. with Caitlin Doughty (Order of the Good Death) and Lauren LeRoy (Little Miss Funeral). We will be taking your questions live on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram as well as broadcasting your video questions to the panel. But we want to know your burning questions for the panel now so start sending us your questions via social media with the hashtag #talkdeath.

The mission of this roundtable will be to facilitate a discussion about life’s big questions on death and dying from different perspectives. Our panel consists of individuals whose approaches to death and dying come from varied backgrounds and we are excited to facilitate a lively, open and honest discussion about the questions you are ‘dying’ to have answered!


Before the 1900s, we knew death. We were surrounded by it, consumed by it and touched by it in a way that few people would ever be in 20th century North America. While the general public used to interact with dead bodies, the 20th century saw a clear line drawn between what was and was not appropriate in our interactions with death. The past several years has seen a rise in our consciousness and awareness about a myriad of issues surrounded death and dying. At Qeepr, we are really happy to see that the conversation is opening up in new and interesting ways and we hope this project will be part of that discussion. We feel that it this roundtable is an important initiative to create an open platform for the dialogue on death and dying.


IMG_5771-650x433Caitlin Doughty: Born in O’ahu, Hawai’i and is based out of Los Angeles, California. Caitlin is a mortician and founded the Order of the Good Death in 2011 with the goal of bringing the realistic discussion of death back into popular culture. Caitlin and her fellow bloggers have built quite a name for themselves! Caitlin runs a very popular web video series and has been featured on National Public Radio, BBC, the Huffington Post, Vice, the LA Times, Jezebel.com, Forbes, Bust Magazine, and Salon.

“I think that we’ve been so hidden from death in this culture for such a long time that it’s very refreshing and liberating to talk about death in an open, honest manner.”

Little Miss Funeral“Lauren LeRoy: Lauren is a twenty four year old licensed funeral director in New York State. She started her now popular blog in 2012 and has not looked back since! She writes from a perspective that few could know as a young, female funeral director and her writing reflects her unique outlook on life. 


“Besides for the fact that I get to help people in a time when they need it most, I’ve learned a lot of good lessons along the way.”


Mandy Benoualid: The entrepreneur behind and founder of Qeepr.com, Mandy graduated in Communications at Concordia University in Montreal with a background in film, photography and journalism. After finding current memorialization platforms lacking, Mandy started Qeepr.com as a way of better connecting people and sharing life stories.

Jeremy Cohen Jeremy Cohen is a Graduate student in the History and Philosophy of Religion at Concordia University where he studies death rituals and practices in North America vis-a-vis modern technology and religion. He is the Social Media coordinator and resident blogger for Qeepr.com.

Tune in live to Google+ & YouTube on March 12th @ 4pm, EST.

Have a question about life, death and everything in between for Caitlin and Lauren? Ask it in our comment section or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #talkdeath!


  1. I want to know what they think the future of funerals will be? and if they feel that our sentiments towards death and dying will change with the new generation coming in.
    This is going to be a cool talk! thanks!!

  2. This event sounds very interesting.
    I would like to know what they think the future of funerals are? Will we be forced to stop burying our dead for environmental reasons?

  3. I want to know how it is you got into the business of death?

  4. Do you have to be embalmed to be donated to a medical school??

    Are there any “natural burial” cemeteries in western NY??

    Thank you for your wonderful input into the world of death acceptance. We need more talk, information, and involvement regarding death and the death industry!! Knowledge is reassuring and powerful!!

    Again, thank you!!

  5. I lost a couple of brothers in a auto accident a few years ago. I was told that one of my brother’s torso had to be wrapped with plastic to keep “stuff” from seeping through. I am curious how “stuff” can seep through a new corpse.

    1. Thanks for the interesting question Jeff

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