While we are used to a little press, even this was a little different for us! Gabriel Couture is a freelance director based in Montreal who started a video series called Silhouettes:

 SILHOUETTES is an A Bit Off the Top initiative of video interviews with Jewish young adults in Montreal who are doing interesting things. Over the course of the series, we will be painting a picture of Montreal’s diverse Jewish community. 

In their latest episode, they featured the founder of Qeepr, Mandy Benoualid. In this short video, Mandy walks us through her local cemetery and introduces us to her incredible grandfather. A Moroccan basketball player and ping pong national champion, Michel Benoualid was the personal instructor to the Prince of Morocco!

Mandy walks us through Michel’s life through the use of Qeepr’s interactive social memorialization platform, highlighting the importance and benefit of keeping memories alive online. It’s a really great video and you should check it out!


To find out how you can create your own interactive story of a loved one’s life, go to Qeepr.com!

Check out more from the Silhouette series here!


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