We are thrilled to invite you to join our new BOOK CLUB! We’ll be reading books that engage with death, dying, loss, and grief- fiction, non-fiction, you name it! 

To join our book club and vote on days/times to meet, fill out our sign up form here:

join our book club

We’ll be meeting virtually via Zoom to discuss the books together! Through this book club, we hope to be in community with each other as we continue to learn, consider new perspectives, appreciate the endeavors of scholars and artists, and talk about death and see how that shifts our relationship with ourselves, each other, and life. 

Whether you are a death care worker or just someone who leans a little macabre, all are welcome to join. We strive to make this an accessible event, so when signing up, please feel welcome to include any resources that would be valuable for you. 

We look forward to reading and conversing with you! 



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