Are you finding yourself anxiously scratching your head every holiday season? Buying the perfect gift is never easy. If you have friends or family members who are a little morbid, a little death obsessed, a little… dark – our Death Positive Holiday Gift Guide list will make shopping a little easier. Our Death Positive Gift Guide has items for every taste, and at every price point. 

*Just so you know, all of the products in this guide were selected by the TalkDeath team. We are not receiving compensation from any of the sellers to promote their products. TalkDeath may however collect a share of sales through the affiliate links used – which is a great way to support us, and we appreciate it! 

2018 Death Positive Holiday Gift Guide

AJ Hawkins Art

Death Positive Holiday Gift Guide

Aj Hawkins is a talented artist, perhaps most well known for her ‘It’s Ok to Decay‘ illustration. She sells death positive stickers, prints, posters, shirts and more.

Price: $4-$350

Darker Days Illustration

Death Positive Gift Guide

Josh Snitgen is the artist behind Darker Days Illustration. Snitgen is an ‘independent Illustrator making the world a darker place, One dead nude at a time.’ Darker Days sells prints, hoodies, shirts, notebooks and more.

Price: $15-$100

Morbid Curiosity Game

Death Positive Gift Guide

Morbid Curiosity is a new card game all about death and dying. It encourages you to tell stories, talk about mortality, and think through some difficult trivia. 

Price: $25

My Father’s Wake

kevin toolis my fathers wake

Kevin Toolis in My Father’s Wake, provides powerful examples of our distanced relationships to death. Read our review of the book, and interview with Kevin Toolis here.

Price: $17

The Good Death Webstore

The Order of the Good Death have opened their own webstore on Etsy. All proceeds go to further aide The Order of the Good Death, Death Salon, and Undertaking LA. Great way to let everyone know you are a Future Corpse!

Price: $4-$120

Mütter Museum

death positive gift guide

The Mütter Museum: the people who brought you Chang & Eng, the conjoined twins;, giant skeletons; deformed skulls, and all kinds of medical anomalies, have a webstore that is as awesome as their collection.

Price: $3-$40

Blood Milk Jewelry

Death Positive Gift Guide

Grounded in the philosophy of finding ‘truthful beauty everyday, to behold it and appreciate it before it slips away into the ether’, Blood Milk creates beautiful contemporary mourning jewelry. 

Price: $80-$1000

Death: A Graveside Companion

Death Positive Gift Guide

Edited by Joanna Ebenstein, Death: A Graveside Companion is the ultimate death compendium. It features the world’s most extraordinary artistic objects concerned with mortality, together with text by expert contributors.

Price: $25

Skull Ice Cube Tray

Death Positive Gift Guide

Ice cube mold that makes four giant skull ice cubes. A great way to remind your guests of their own mortality after they’ve drank your expensive scotch!

Price: $11

The Modern Mortician

You know The Modern Mortician from our awesome #TalkDeath interview with her, and you definitely know her companion animal extraordinaire, Kermit the grief therapy dog. Now you can support them with a selection of shirts, stickers and art.

Price: $3-$60

Haute Macabre

Death Positive Gift Guide

Haute Macabre is a blog, collection of all things dark, and witchy resource. They also have a webstore selling tarot cards, prints, books and more.

Price: $10-$75

FloMade Textile Creations

Flo Kane started FloMade as a 365 day creative challenge. Today you can buy a number of death positive, memento mori pieces, including these beautiful textile pendants. Flo will even write a sympathy card for you. 

Price: $1-$250

The Denial of Death

Winner of the Pulitzer prize in 1974 and the culmination of a life’s work, The Denial of Death is Ernest Becker’s brilliant and impassioned answer to the “why” of human existence. A brilliant philosophical treatise, and a great read. 

Price: $11

Goldengrove Jewelry

Death Positive Gift Guide

Goldengrove is a jewelry company created by Margaret Cross. Shop the beautiful collection of Fine Modern Mourning, Memento Mori, and Sentimental Jewelry. All handmade in Brooklyn from ethically sourced materials.

Price: $100-$700

Resting Waters

Resting Waters is the first to offer the process of Bio-Cremation for pets. Environmentally friendly, and run by a compassionate team, why not support them by grabbing an awesome tote or shirt?

Price: $12-$20

Skull Ceramic Cup

Death Positive Gift Guide

These creepy mugs are great for morning coffee while you contemplate the void that is existence. Remind yourself every morning that death escapes no one.

Price: $15

Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us

Death Positive Gift Guide

For a beautiful coffee table book, look no further than Paul Koudounaris‘ Memento Mori. We tend to have very rigid conceptions of death and dead bodies in the West, and the photographs and stories in Memento Mori are meant to challenge that.

Price: $45

Coco – The Movie

Death Positive Gift Guide

Are you one of those weirdos that still buys physical copies of movies, or know someone who is? Finishing up our Death Positive Gift Guide is the most death positive animated movie of the year! Great for adults, and kids, and adults who still want to be kids.

Price: $14


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