Our mission at Keeper Memorials has always been to encourage positive and constructive conversations around death and dying, while providing families a space to memorialize their loved ones. When we started the "Qeepr Blog" in 2013 with a few articles about bereavement, a tribute to Nelson Mandela, and 'The Top 10 Strangest Deaths', we had no idea where the blog would take us.

Fast forward a few years, a successful green burial campaign, a YouTube Webseries, many travel adventures, and some pretty cool videos, the time has come for a change. Say hello to TalkDeath: the hub for death awareness!

From green burials and home funerals, to history, memento mori art, funeral law, and grief resources, TalkDeath is the hub for a changing death-conscious public. Like our video series, TalkDeath also aims to bridge the gap between death professionals and the general public, helping you make informed end-of-life decisions.

As part of our renewed mission, we want to provide you with solid resources you can turn to. This will include publishing more Canadian-specific content, as well as information that can be useful to you no matter where you are in the world.  We also have some new #TalkDeath videos coming soon (apologies for the unannounced hiatus- websites are so needy). That being said, if there are subjects that are important to you and that you would like to learn more about, please let us know.

The Death Positive movement has only grown since we first started our website, and we are very proud to be part of this incredible, supportive community. We look forward to changing the future of our inevitable deaths, together.

-Mandy Benoualid, Editor

Mandy Benoualid
Mandy is the co-founder and editor of TalkDeath, and co-host of the #TalkDeath webseries. She is also the founder and President of the online memorial platform, Keeper. Mandy’s work has appeared in national and international publications, she has been a featured presenter at professional funeral and cemetery conferences and was recently featured as an industry innovator by American Funeral Director Magazine. Mandy works part time as a Funeral Director’s Assistant, and plays music in her free time.


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