We love to follow the lives of celebrities as they spend their years, constantly under the spotlight. We will take any opportunity to scrutinize, praise and mock them for every decision they make, including the celebrity burial sites which they receive once they have passed away. As such, it’s no surprise that people spend lots of effort and money practicing the art of Grave Hunting.  

But what is Grave Hunting exactly? It is the desire to travel the world to visit the resting places of people that you care about. While celebrities often live hectic lives, many stars have been buried and memorialized in such a way that their legacy and personality lives on. Either way, if Grave Hunting sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, we would recommend first trying these fascinating celebrities graves. 

Celebrity Burial Sites

1. Michael Jackson

Grave Hunting Level: ****

We’ll start off with a no-brainer. The king of pop left us in shock when he passed away too soon. He is entombed inside a mausoleum at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy for mourning fans to pay their respects as there have been a many reports of security turning people down at the entrance. You should definitely be a determined Grave Hunter if you decide to visit MJ, but it will surely be well worth it.

Celebrity Burial Sites

Photo: MjWorld.net

2. Bruce Lee

Grave Hunting Level: *

Bruce Lee’s monument at Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle attracts people from all around the world, and particularly, many from east Asia. Bruce did well in his life to break down the barriers of Hollywood for all Asian-Americans to come and to represent Chinese nationalism. Furthermore, as one of the greatest Martial Artist’s that ever lived, he will forever be in the hearts of many.

Celebrity Burial Sites

3. Marilyn Monroe

Grave Hunting Level: **

The iconic sex-symbol of the 60’s comes on our list, entombed in a crypt at the Westwood Memorial Park in L.A. In her life, she had swooned the hearts of so many; it surely is no surprise that people come to visit her grave and pay their respects often.

Celebrity Burial Sites

4. Elvis Presley

Grave Hunting Level: ***

The King might not have had the most glamorous death, however, his gravesite was one of the most visited when his body was first inferred. Elvis’ family has since moved his remains to his mansion in Graceland where prospective mourners will have to pay for a tour before paying their respects.

Celebrity Burial Sites

CC Cybjorg

5. Johnny Cash

Grave Hunting Level: **

Cash was buried next to his home in Tennessee beside his Wife. The departed couple attracts many mourners to the countryside where they pay their respects. Unfortunately, Cash’s house had recently burnt down, so all that now remains is his tombstone which reads the famous lyrics “I Walk the Line”.

Celebrity Burial Sites

CC Thomas R Machnitzki

6. Jim Morrison 

Grave Hunting Level: **

Morrison died extremely young at the age of 27 and the reason for his death was never truly confirmed. However, this rock and roll legend was and remains today an amazing inspiration to many. As such, his grave is one of Paris’ most visited tourist attractions, buried in the notorious Père Lachaise Cemetery, where numerous other music legends, philosophers and artists have been laid to rest.

Celebrity Burial Sites

CC SuzanneGW

7. Merv Griffin

Grave Hunting Level: *

This iconic talk show host was also buried in Westwood Memorial Park in L.A. and still attracts people to his grave due to his unique tombstone inscription, reading, “I will not be right back after this message”.


CC Meribona

8. Coco Chanel

Grave Hunting Level: **

French fashion designer Coco Chanel lived a glamorous lifestyle and her burial site is no different. After the popularity of the film, Coco Before Chanel, many people have since traveled to the Swiss city of Lausanne to see her elegant tombstone and flower arrangement designed in the shape of the Chanel logo, as she continues to market her brand even after death. 


CC Khamillion.com

9. Dee Dee Ramone

Grave Hunting Level: *

This musical legend was the brains behind the original punk rockers, The Ramones. He was buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 2002. His grave has a modern black headstone with the seal of The Ramones and some phrases from their songs. Its a must-see for any punk-rock aficionados. 



  1. Wow, very powerful symbol seeing how Coco Chanel continued advertising even in death. Merv Griffins quote is also pretty fascinating..

  2. We don’t “bury” inside of a mausoleum, we “entomb”.

    1. Thank you! We’ll change the language to reflect that

  3. […] about the architecture of the tombs, their histories, or seeking out the grave site of a famous personality, cemeteries are fascinating places to visit and explore. In fact, cemeteries were once designed for […]

  4. Jimi Hendrix..without a doubt..all these stars have a special memory for each of us..for me being a teeneger in the late sixties..Hendrix was and still is a gift from God..RIP..

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