This Halloween, like several before, join us in the tombstone gardens for a safe, spooky and family friendly activity! It’s scavenger hunt time!

On Sunday October 30th, we invite you to visit your favorite local cemetery at 1PM EST/10AM PST for our third annual Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt! We have some incredible prizes by artisans from far and wide that we will ship to the top three bags-o-bones of the competition!

TalkDeath 2022 Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

How TalkDeath’s Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt Works:

  • How to win, you ask? First things first, the more the merrier – find some spooktacular friends to help!
  • Visit your favorite local cemetery (the more historic the better!)
  • Wait for the clues to drop on Instagram and here at 1PM EST/10AM PST
  • Scour the cemetery looking for monuments that match the clues (think symbolism, names, dates, etc.)
  • First 4 people to DM us on Instagram with their complete findings win!
  • We invite all our readers from around the globe to participate in this spooky activity!

Full details, rules and clues to come, so stay tuned on our socials to keep in the loop!

TalkDeath 2022 Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Get to know the makers of the TalkDeath 2022 Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt Prizes!

Angels Light Candles

A wonderful selection of natural beeswax candles for all occasions, energized with quartz crystals to enhance your life and space and receive invaluable healing power. The busy bees that make the beeswax find their nectar from the wildflowers in central Michigan, and the candles are made-to-order to ensure ultimate freshness!

| Etsy Shop | Instagram

Death Witch Envy

Created in 2017 after the publication of Death Witchcraft: Volume 1. After a lifetime of writing narratives including full-length fantasy novels and college studies for writing fantasy, this store teaches you everything you need to know about death witchcraft. “Since, death witchcraft is a new term, there are few resources about it–so I decided to make one.”

| Etsy Shop | Instagram | Website 


Bridget Strychnine is an artist from San Francisco who recently began pursuing their dream of becoming a mortician. They started selling zines and art under the moniker Dropkick Slurpee in 2016, mainly publishing works about punk rock and extraterrestrial life, but now draw much of their inspiration from daily life in a funeral home and thoughts on mortality.

| Etsy Shop | Instagram

From The Pyres

From The Pyre creates pyrography and mixed media artwork, jewelry, and decor themed around the connection between life and death.

| Etsy Shop | Instagram

The Knotty Coffin

The Knotty Coffin offers amazing, fun gifts curated for and by end of life professionals!

The Knotty Coffin generously donated items from Four Letter Word Cards and Chubby Chico Charms

@FourLetterWordCards created the enamel pins in honor of her mother’s passing.”She passed away on September 1st, 2020 from Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. I was her caregiver for a year and a half before her passing and was able to witness her being in the active dying stage and her last breath. I hope this pin brings comfort to you – either in knowing that eventually we will all be ashes and dust, or knowing that your loved one is once again part of the earth and continuing to nurture living things, even in their death.”

| Website/Shop | Instagram

Maidens Mother Soaping

Maidens’ Mother Soaping is based on a love of creating nurturing and comforting bath products. Making things all the way from all natural and all vegan to “wild synthetic colored products”, Maidens Mother Soaping wants to be free with creativity making something that can proudly sit next to your sink or tub. Made with locally sourced ingredients, and checked for ethical manufacturing!

| Website/Shop | Instagram

Maryann Held Illustration

Maryann Held is an acrylic painter who creates dark and colorful incantations with her abilities.

| Website/ShopInstagram

The Modern Mortician

The Modern Mortician makes fun gifts curated for and by end of life professionals, including the incredible Deceasables! “As a mortician it takes literally nothing for me to notice discarded urns, cremated remains, and other keepsakes and mementos mori at Estate Sales and Thrift Stores. I began to collect the forgotten pets and then finally came up with the idea of Deceasedables. The dead cute pet you can adopt. Species of animal will be revealed upon receiving your new dead pet.” Types include: cat, dog, reptiles, birds, and COMMUNAL (meaning a mixture of many). Each adoption certificate will contain as much info known, including disposition (flame or water cremation.)

| Website/ShopInstagram


@necroddities on Instagram works mainly with bones and reclaimed/upcycled pieces to make jewelry and art. What they’ve created for this event is a half-crystallized cottontail rabbit skull plaque.

Needle and Bow

Amanda VanderBroek is a writer exploring the creative side of death. She is the author of the poetry collection Romancing the Gatekeeper. She is currently researching death and disability history on the great plains for her current fiction and non-fiction works in progress.

| Website/Shop | Instagram

RosaMx Art

Created by a single mother and maintained by herself and her family, this dream that began 25 years ago now spreads incredible cultural art everywhere! They have crafted from earrings to sugar skulls and huichol beaded art, everything being handmade.

| Website/Shop


Uneven Creations

Handmade jewelry Magical and Timeless Adornments inspired by Nature and History

| Website/Shop | Instagram


Wishbone has been dancing on the line between creepy and sophisticated since 2016, striving to create glimpses of tiny worlds that have been frozen in time, utilizing delicate materials that often disappear before they are ever noticed.

All natural artifacts featured are real and ethically sourced, meaning no animal is harmed for the purpose of becoming jewelry, and all plants are sustainably harvested with as little impact to local ecosystems as possible.

| Website/Shop | Instagram

And you’ll, of course, be seeing some TalkDeath merch in the prize bundles! We can’t wait to see your spooky clue finds on the 30th!


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