Ross Capicchioni: A True Tale of Survival

This may just be the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard. Ross Capicchioni was 17 years old when he had a near death experience that would shape the rest of his life. A friend of 10 years convinced Ross to drive him into Detroit’s east side even though Ross knew it was a bad idea. When Ross pulled into a quiet lot, his friend shot him in the arm, chest and head and left him for dead. Incredibly, Ross felt the strength to slowly pick himself up and move towards safety.

 One day I woke up and I just felt different.. …This is my world! 

Ross’ “friend” was soon caught and sentenced to 35 years in jail. The reason for the shooting? A gang initiation. This is a true tale of survival and an inspiration to never give up in life. Ross’ recovery was long and emotionally painful, but he pulled through and is proof that hurdles in life are meant to be overcome. Watch and listen to his incredible story below:

Credits: https://theberrics.com/aberrican-me-ross-capicchioni-part-1


  1. […] Ross Capicchioni: A True Tale of Survival […]

  2. […] Ross Capicchioni: A True Tale of Survival […]

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