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On August 11th, 2014, we lost someone truly special. Robin Williams passed away after battling with severe depression. The Marin County sheriff’s office said in a statement that it “suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia.” However at this time, not much is known. Williams’ had recently entered a rehab program to “re-focus” his sobriety. 

Photo by Daniel Boud

Photo by Daniel Boud

Robin Williams was born to an eccentric auto executive and grew up like many comedic geniuses: a loner with a creative spirit. Born in Chicago, Williams spent his childhood in Michigan, where his mother worked as a model and his father with Ford Motors. Williams was a shy child who overcame this shyness to partake in his High School’s drama program. This led to a full scholarship at Juilliard where he graduated in 1976.

Williams shot to fame thanks to a lead role in the seminal sitcom, Mork & Mindy. Mork was full of the same witty banter and charm that characterized Williams’ personality. Williams’ repertoire ran the spectrum from comedy to serious drama including roles in Hook, Good Morning, Vietnam, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire and One Hour Photo. In 1997, Williams won an Oscar for his incredible portrayal of Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting.

Between the endless movie roles and critically acclaimed stand-up routines, Williams faced severe bouts of depression and drug abuse, including a well publicized addiction to cocaine. Williams had been very open about his battles, spending time in and out of rehab centres.

But the only cure you have right now is the honesty of going, this is who you are. I know who I am.

Robin Williams is survived by his wife Susan Schneider, his son Zak, from a previous marriage, a daughter, Zelda, and a son Cody, also from a previous marriage.

Robin Williams was a legend and will be missed by all. His sense of humor, his generous soul and his talent touched generations of people and his passing has left a hole which will never be filled. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Wiliiams’ friends and family and to anyone who was ever touched by his incredible spirit. This terrible story highlights the reality that millions of people around the world are currently facing depression and other mental illnesses.

  Depression Resources:


Mental illness is a rope walk. Depression can leave you feeling as if you exist in the world but not of the world; two realities that often cannot find common ground. As Robin Williams’ and millions of other people have sadly discovered, depression can leave sufferers feeling as if there is no way out. Remember that there is always a way out. If you or anyone you know is suffering from mental illness, please seek help. There are resources available to everyone and reminders that you are not alone. For more information, please consider the following resources:


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