Christmas has passed and the year is coming to a close. Amidst the violence, terrorism and loss, 2015 may have been one of the best years for humanity. It was also a banner year for us. We traveled, met many incredible people, started our YouTube series, launched a mobile app and our user-base grew exponentially. We also focused on creating interesting and meaningful content for our Community. We investigated Bio Cremation, challenged the 5 Stages of Grief, added to our extensive list of resources and continued offering grief support.

As the year comes to an end, we looked over our most interesting, most visited and controversial blog posts for 2015. If you had a favorite article this year please share it with us in the comments!

8. Top 8 Death Positive Resources


Possibly our most people popular post of 2015 was our list of the best websites raising death awareness. Fueled by popular books, movies, TV shows and personalities, death and death positivity are on the minds of many people. Considering we’ve hidden from death for so long, it is refreshing to see people embrace their mortality. While some call the movement morbid, we prefer to think of it as a healthy, cathartic exercise in personal reflection. These 8 websites are pushing boundaries and creating some fantastic content along the way.

7. Bio Cremation: A Greener Way to Die


One of our most controversial posts of the year, “Bio Cremation: A Greener Way to Die” received a lot of attention. Bio Cremation was a buzz word this year as the topic of death witnessed a resurgence of public interest. When we saw the alkaline hydrolysis machines at funeral trade shows we really wanted to know what it was all about. Luckily Bio Cremation expert Samantha Seiber and funeral law professor Tanya Marsh helped us understand the ins and outs! From its legal limbo, the push back from the Catholic Church, to the funeral profession’s real interest, this article lays it all out.

6. Scattering Ashes: What You Need to Know


Cremation: we all know what it means, but do we really understand the process? With cremation rates in the United States projected to overtake burial in the near future (it already does in Canada), we thought we would investigate the human side of the process: the scattering process. When all is said and done, we are left with our loved one’s remains and what we choose to do with them is an incredibly personal journey. Some choose to keep them, some release them during baseball games, and others drop them into the ocean. Every option is explored in one of our most visited blog posts of the year.

5. Qeepr Review: Death Salon, Mutter Museum

TalkDeath Review: Death Salon at the Mütter Museum

This has been the year of travel for Qeepr. In October we went to Philadelphia for Death Salon Mutter, and it was as wonderful and morbid as the name incites. The event kicked off with a Macabre Ball and ended with a death themed pub quiz. In between was a full day of presentations, artisan fairs and behind the scenes museum visits. If you are interested in finding out about some of the main players and their work in the new death movement, we recommend this article.

4. TalkDeath – Your Questions Answered

#Talkdeath – Your Questions Answered

This year we hosted mortician & author Caitlin Doughty, funeral director Lauren LeRoy, doyen of death Gail Rubin and about.com editor Chris Raymond on our brand new series #TalkDeath. Our YouTube series was an opportunity for you to ask your burning questions about death, dying and everything in-between. Re-watch these great death-positive and informative conversation here.

3. Dressing For a Funeral – Men & Women


Consistently our most viewed article, along with What To Wear to a Funeral – For Women. The last thing you need to worry about before a funeral is what to wear. But judging from the amount of people who read our article, this is a topic that clearly causes a lot of anxiety. Different traditions have different customs, some funerals are very casual and others are black tie affairs. Our guide offers tips and advice to easily help anyone navigate the tricky world of funerals.

2. Why I Left The Funeral Profession

Why I Left the Funeral Profession

This year we had the privilege to speak to a former funeral service worker who gave us some insight into their decision to enter into (and eventually leave) the funeral profession. Our interview touched on many unspoken problems in the funeral profession and the reasons why some people opt out. Contrary to the public view of funeral directors, the pay is often abysmal, the working conditions hard and the benefits non-existent. While this case may not be the norm, we definitely recommend this read!

1. Top 10 New Funeral Trends


The funeral profession is undergoing big changes these days. Consumers are demanding competitive prices and new ways to bury their loved ones. Technology is pushing against funeral directors who are often set in their ways. Sooner or later the profession adapts like it always has and so we looked into the top 10 trends in the funeral profession today. Water cremations, crowdfunded funerals and green burials are just some of the trends that may define this generation.

2016 – The Year Ahead

2016 is going to be another big year for Qeepr! We are working on some big projects and are looking forward to bringing you more amazing content. We’d love your help though! If you appreciate the work we do, please share our posts, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, download and share our images and keep spreading the word. If you’d like to write an article for us, send us an email and pitch us your idea. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming #TalkDeath events. We have a bunch lined up so get your questions ready.


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