We are excited to announce the 6th edition of our #TalkDeath series, Canadian Funeral Law. 

This round features two experts who are well versed in Canadian funerary practice. Owner of Eco Funerals, Nathan Romagnoli, and chair person for the Natural Burial Association, Janet McCauslandwill be speaking with Qeepr LIVE on September 27th @ 12pm EST on YouTube. Our experts will answer any questions you might have about funeral law, burial alternatives and your legal rights after you die. Find out what you CAN and CANNOT do by asking your questions now on Social Media with #TalkDeath.

Keep a body at home Canada

#TalkDeath: Canadian Funeral Law


Episode 6: Canadian Funeral Law is about what happens to us after we die and our legal rights to dispose of and manage bodies in Canada. Jurisdictional and cultural changes over the past 100 years have brought us to the point where we have lost control over much of the process of death. Instead of holding funerals in the home or managing burial ourselves, we now rely on professionals and the state for our needs. Regulations, provincial boundaries, federal legislation, all this means is that Canadians in general now know little about what they can and cannot do after death.

Yet Canadians want to know the answers to these fundamental questions. Can I keep a body at home? Do I need to be embalmed? Can I be buried in my backyard or under a tree on public land? The answers can be hard to find! Nathan and Janet are the experts who can help us move through the legal minefield of Canadian funerary law. With backgrounds in green burial and the funeral profession at large, they’ll shed some light and answer your pressing questions!


#TalkDeath Episode 6: Canadian Funeral Law will air live on YouTube on September 27th @ 12pm EST. Click here to RSVP!


nathan-01Nathan’s philosophy was borne of his own deeply felt experiences of family loss. His experiences showed him that the way we observe the passing of loved ones can have a lasting impact on those who go on living. Nathan’s passion for helping those in need has been a constant since childhood.

After more than 16 years in the funeral industry in Ontario and British Columbia, Nathan acquired a deep understanding of Canada’s diverse cultures, religions  and needs. From these experiences, a life-centered approach to funeral service was born.”

janet-mccausland-head-shotJanet McCausland is Director, Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur (POE), a program that provides the men and women who have served our country with the education, mentoring and tools they need to start a business. Prior to that, Janet had her own consulting business Get it Done Communications, offering strategic communications and project management to companies in the environmental sector. Before that, she was a Director at Green Living Enterprises where she co-founded the Natural Burial Association to green up the death care business as well as the Green Toronto Awards, the City of Toronto’s environmental awards of excellence. She began her career in corporate communications, including agency and client side, mostly in the financial services sector.

Janet has a BA from Western University, an MA from the Courtauld Institute, University of London and is currently enrolled in a Fundraising Management certificate program at Ryerson University.


The mission of #TalkDeath is to promote discussion about life’s big questions on death and dying from different perspectives. #TalkDeath hosts professionals whose approaches to death and dying come from varied backgrounds and we are excited to facilitate a lively, open and honest discussion about the questions you are ‘dying’ to have answered!

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  1. It worries me that so few people know what to do after a death. What steps should Canadians take to better know their rights?

  2. training in Canada:
    BEyond Yonder Virtual School for Community Deathcaring in Canada

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