Are you death curious? Qeepr is excited to announce the second installment of our #Talkdeath web series on June 17th at 3pm EST, featuring current editor of About.com’s Dying, Funerals & Grief website, Chris Raymond, and author Gail Rubin (A Good Goodbye). Using the #Talkdeath hashtag, we are currently taking all your questions via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and asking them to our panel of death professionals. Whether you are curious about funeral practices, how to overcome a loss or want to know what happens to our bodies when we die-  Start asking your burning questions about death & dying now!


One of our main goals at Qeepr is to encourage death positivity, and remove the stigma associated with discussing death, dying and everything in-between. As such, #Talkdeath seeks to create a space where such discussions are possible. Providing a safe, honest, and open environment for discourse, the #Talkdeath roundtable will act as a platform for questions to be answered that one might have been otherwise afraid or uncomfortable to ask. So start asking your questions now with #Talkdeath, or wait until June 17 to ask your questions in real time to our panel of death professionals!

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Chris Raymond: Current editor of About.com’s Dying, Funerals & Grief website, and past editor of the world’s most widely read funeral professional magazine, The Director, Chris Raymond has been selected as a panelist for the June #Talkdeath edition. Raymond has spoken with audiences of funeral service professionals and consumers alike on numerous death and dying related topics.


“Qeepr’s #talkdeath roundtable offers a great opportunity to get honest, objective answers to anything you wanted to know about dying, funerals and grief but were afraid to ask!”



Gail Rubin: “The Doyenne of Death” and author of A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t plan to Die, Gail Rubin will be the second #Talkdeath panel member. Rubin helps get end-of-life and funeral planning conversations started with a light touch on a serious subject. She is a certified funeral celebrant, a certified Thanalotogist, and all around end-of-life expert!


“I always say talking about sex won’t make you pregnant, and talking about funerals and end-of-life issues won’t make you dead. After more than five years of holding conversations, I am living proof of this proposition – neither pregnant or deceased. I’m looking forward to engaging with lots of folks during this roundtable!”


Mandy Benoualid: Mandy is the co-founder of the first social media based memorial platform and mobile application, Qeepr. Following her degree in Communications and Media studies at Concordia University, Benoualid utilized her passion for storytelling and communications technology to build an interactive memorial website, allowing families to preserve the life story of their loved ones and to discover the lives of others.

Georgia Carter: Georgia is a Graduate student in the History and Philosophy of Religion at Concordia University where she studies religion and performance arts practices in South India. She is the Social Media coordinator and resident blogger for Qeepr.com. 

Tune in LIVE to Google+ & Youtube on June 17 @ 3PM EST

Do you have any questions about death and dying that you would like to ask Chris and Gail? Post your questions now or during the roundtable in the comment section on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


  1. […] #Talkdeath's June edition panelist, Gail Rubin is truly a woman of many hats. A celebrant, public speaker, funeral expert and consultant, and an author (to name a few); Rubin has made it her mission to open up death positive discourse in a number of ways. To all of these roles, she brings her own unique personality: a combination of lightheartedness with thoughtfulness and care. Her book A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die is truly demonstrative of Rubin's unique attitude and approach to preparing for that one experience we all share: death. […]

  2. […] this Wednesday, June 17 at 3pm EST for the second installment in our death positive web series, #Talkdeath. Our panel of death professionals will include Gail Rubin (A Good Goodbye) and Chris Raymond of […]

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