The relationship between a mother and child is unlike any other. It is one of unconditional love, guidance, and care. When we are young, we look to our mothers for everything. As we get older, the relationship shifts from one of caregiver to friend, and if we are lucky, confidant. Mother’s Day, while intended to be a day for celebrating this bond, can be a painful time for those who have lost a mother or a child.

On a day that we are reminded of our loved one, it can be difficult to know how and where to get the support we need. One of the best resources for those coping with loss are the stories of others. Books can be an immensely helpful source of insight, guidance, and comfort. We have taken the time to compile some of the best books on the subject, to help you cope this Mother’s Day.  

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Best Books About Mothers and Grief

Allison Gilbert – Parentless Parents

Books About Mothers and Grief

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Parentless Parents by Allison GilbertAllison Gilbert is a critically acclaimed author, and founder of Parentless Parents, which is a network for parents who are raising children without their own parents. This particular book focuses on that topic, specifically. It discusses how raising children without grandparents impacts their lives, and explores different ways to meet these emotional and practical challenges. Gilbert discusses everything from everyday parenting, to how the loss of one’s parents influences relationships with one’s spouse and in-laws.

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Robin Romm – The Mercy Papers

Robin Romm

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Books About Mothers and GriefIn this powerful and emotional memoir, Robin Romm describes and explores her experiences during the last three weeks of her mother’s life. Romm’s mother battled cancer for many years, and in this book, Romm honestly discusses her emotional and reflections on this experience. A truly touching, at times painfully, and beautifully written book, this memoir may serve as a source of support for those who have had (or are having) similar experiences. 

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Lynn Davidman – Motherloss

Lynn Davidman

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Motherloss by Lynn Davidman

A professor at the University of Kansas, Lynn Davidman’s book is more of an academic look at the experience of losing a mother. Davidman draws on interviews with sixty adults who lost their mothers while they were young. She discusses their unique experiences and offers a detailed and nuanced discussion of how the loss of one’s mother at a young age can impact one’s life in many diverse and unique ways. In an attempt to dispel cultural taboos about death and loss, Davidman’s participants share their stories, and show that loss is an experience that is ever-changing. 

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Hope Edelman – Motherless Daughters

Hope Edelman

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This is one of the most renowned books written on the subject of coping with the loss of a mother. Edelman explores the almost countless ways that the loss of one’s mother can effect every aspect of a woman’s life, from childhood to old age. This book was originally written using interviews, but has been recently re-released to include a section that examines the personal experiences of the author. This new addition adds powerful insight into how loss can change over time, as our relationships with ourselves and with others change.

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Melissa Miles McCarter – Joy, Interrupted 

Melissa Miles McCarter

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Books About Mothers and Grief

In this anthology compiled and edited by Melissa Miles McCarter, the experience of a mother losing a child is examined and explored from a number of different angles. Miles McCarter draws on the voices of many different artists and authors from all over the world, making this book and interesting and diverse resource for mothers anywhere. Grief is a very personal emotion, and the many perspectives that are represented in this book makes it a valuable resource for many types of people to connect with. 

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Alexa Bigwarfe et al – Sunshine After the Storm

Alexa Bigwarfe

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Sunshine After the Storm by Alexa Bigwarfe et al

This amazing book was written for those who have lost a child in infancy or before birth. This particular focus makes this book an invaluable resource for mothers who have experienced this kind of loss, and are looking for detailed support and advice. The complexities of this kind of loss are explored in this book by women who have felt this grief, first hand. With many contributing authors, Sunshine After the Storm offers diverse advice for any equally diverse experience.

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Harold Ivan Smith – Grieving the Death of a Mother

Harold Ivan Smith

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Grieving the Death of a Mother by Harold Ivan SmithThis book is written in part as a memoir, and in part as a general exploration of the ways that losing one’s mother can deeply effect all aspects of life. Harold Ivan Smith is a prolific author on the subject of death and grieving. In this book, he uses his expertise to try and guide the reader through their grief, and offer support and guidance on their journey. The experience of a son losing his mother is also otherwise missing from this list, so it is a valuable resource in that way as well. 

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