On Thursday March 12th, we hosted our first #Talkdeath roundtable discussion on life, death, funeral practices and everything in between. Mandy and Jeremy from the Qeepr team moderated the discussion between Caitlin Doughty from The Order of the Good Death & author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons From The Crematory and Lauren LeRoy, the 25 year old funeral director and creator of LittleMissFuneral.com. Alongside your wonderful questions, we got to hear from two strong, independent, female funeral professionals and the conversation was illuminating.

“We have a really broken relationship with mortality” – Caitlin Doughty

Our first #Talkdeath event was held in the spirit of the international movement of Death Cafe’s which help foster an open environment for the discussion on death and dying. We realized that people really want to talk about issues surrounding death and dying including, burial alternatives, funerals and rituals but they lack a platform for expressing these concerns.

This was the first of many #Talkdeath discussions and we hope that these roundtables will entertain you, inform you and bridge the divide between the world of the death profession and the every day.

“[Today] it’s not like we have one God, we view ourselves as Gods in the sense that we think “well everyone is going to die…but I’m not going to die”” – Lauren LeRoy


We put the call out for questions on social media and you responded. We asked you to send us your burning questions about death, life and everything in between and even though we spent an hour answering questions, we still only got through half the questions! Caitlin and Lauren answered your questions on funeral practices, regarding secular and religious death rituals, about the difference between traditional and new burial practices and more. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the event:

1. Modern death rituals:

2. Women in the funeral industry:

3. Preparing bodies at home/personalized funeral services:

4. Joining the Death Positive movement

View the entire roundtable conversation with Caitlin Doughty and Lauren LeRoy here:


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