Halloween is a time for carving pumpkins, dressing up, and sharing candy. It is also about spending time with the people you love as you sit around your dark living room sharing scary stories, watching slasher movies, and summoning the dark forces.

Want to make your loved one’s nightmares come true with a haunting new gift? Well look no further! We have put together this spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide to help you find the perfect cursed object for the one you love (and for yourself, obvi)!

Disclaimer: All of the products in this spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide were selected by the TalkDeath team. We are not receiving compensation from any of the sellers to promote their products.

Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide 2020

Which is Witch

If the person you are shopping for is into spooky ghosts, seances, and pink kittens, then Which is Witch is the purrrfect shop for a creepy print or pin. Kelsi Sorensen is an artist based out of Hamilton, Canada, who describes herself as a dual personality of a dark witch meets hello kitty. She also creates bat masks that can keep you safe AND spooky! From haunting house pins, to prints featuring spiritualist cats, Which is Witch has something for the cuddly witch in your life.

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Price: $2-$30

Drop Dead Candles

Flickering fire light is the perfect way to get into the spooky mood. What better way than with “candles for people who are dead inside”? Drop Dead Candles is run by Mel, a registered Nurse by day and reclusive candle lady by night! Each candle is made with care under feline supervision in Oshawa, Canada. We recommend the human skulls to help set a death positive mood this All Hallows’ Eve!

*Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prize! Want to win something from Drop Dead Candles? Participate in our Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt.

Price: $20-$60

Wolf Dottir

Add a bit of subversive flair to your dishes with Wolf Dottir’s repurposed china. Wolf Dottir is another Canadian artist located in the Toronto area. Each piece is one of a kind, which is sure to become a conversation piece at any dinner party. The artist describes their work as “what you would buy for your gran, if today was opposite day and her sitting room was in hell.”

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Price: $20-$125

Beyond The Dark Veil

Halloween is all about walking the line between the living and the dead, taking a peek beyond the dark veil. This is one of the goals of the work by Beyond The Dark Veil who creates responsibly & sustainably sourced specimens to add to your cabinet of curiosities. Susan Middleton is the sorceress behind the shop based out of Toronto, Canada. Her art has distinct romantic Gothic style and nods to Victorian mourning practices. As stated on her website, she has the “upmost respect for the beautiful creatures who I am trusted to physically & spiritually process these souls so they can be admired in a preserved just beyond the dark veil. There is truly beauty within death.”

*Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prize! Want to win something from Beyond the Dark Veil? Participate in our Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt.

Price: $50-$110+

Night Spirit Studio

Maybe the person you are shopping for is more on the crafty side, or looking for a new fall hobby? Night Spirit Studio is a 900 year old vampire based out of the US who sells their dark and macabre cross-stitch patterns and creations so you too can warn your guests about summoning demons while in the bathroom. How rude!

Price: $4-$16

Wax Moon Shop

Add some creature-feature comforts to your loved one’s home with one of Andrea Gilletti’s throw pillows. She is also based out of the US and provides the perfect gift for the mourning person in your life! Wax Moon Shop is more than just spooky throw pillows, she also creates prints, pins and even Halloween themed quilts!

Price: $6-$30


Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide 2020

Imagine curling up on All Hallows Eve with a new creepy book to help keep you up all night long. Just remember to skip those pesky Latin verses, you don’t want to raise the dead…again. There are a few reading lists out there curated by publishers and librarians alike. We recommend checking out Book Riot for a good mixture of classic and contemporary that offers diverse voices. Is folk horror your vibe?  Maybe you are looking for more of a haunted house theme? Shopping for your favorite witch? Don’t forget any Young Adults in your life!

You can also stick with classic Halloween themed books. What about leading ladies in horror fiction? There are also tons of spooky poems to shake you to your core. Of course there’s always our Death Positive Reading lists here and here. Don’t forget to check out your local library website for some more spooky selections!

Drop Dead and Wrought

Drop Dead and Wrought is the manifestation of lovelorn over eras past. This US based artist creates hand embellished eye-wear and assemblage jewelry using both new and vintage findings. Their strongest influences are Ancient Egypt, Victorian, 1900’s Nouveau, Deco, and Celestial. These sunglasses are guaranteed to protect you from the glare of a full moon.

Price: $12-$45

Lauri A Conley

Lauri A. Conley’s ink illustrations feature cute ghosts, and a bit of death humor. She creates illustrations and spooky art in a traditional pen and ink style. Her pieces feature ghosts floating on cliffside graveyards, and the grim reaper going on adventures through fields and even space! She draws inspiration from history and very old things like long-abandoned castles and spooky cemeteries.

Price: $6-$17

Pottery Witch

Maybe your loved one loves a good cup of tea, or something more sinister! Pottery Witch creates ceramic mugs and bowls to help channel your inner witch. These carefully crafted ceramic pieces are perfect to cuddle up with a mourning brew. Based out of Canada, she ships internationally.

Price: $115-$150

Witchwood Bags

Witchwood Bags is an LA based brand that strives to bring you anything but typical and boring bags. These bags are meant to unleash your darkest style demands. Handcrafted with the softest high quality vegan leather and vegan suede to give each bag that sought after high-end quality and feel. They also sell hats, scarves and jewelry, all designed to celebrate Halloween everyday of the year!

Price: $12-$250

Lively Ghosts

Everyday is Halloween for Lively Ghosts! The shop has something for every boil and ghoul from home decor to art prints. It is hard to pin down a favorite with collections like ‘Quintessential Horror’, ‘Coven’, and ‘Houses of Horrors’. We do adore the candy corn collar as a sure way to make any outfit October ready!

Price: $3-$105

August Glass Designs

Have a classy goth in your coven? August Glass Designs creates geometric glass terrariums using traditional materials and techniques to produce quality handmade work. She also makes coffin shaped mirrors and spooky wall art.

Price: $7-$500!

We hope you enjoyed our Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide! Happy hauntings!

Don’t forget to participate in our Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win prizes from some of these incredible artists!


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