It is that time of year again… the holiday season is upon us once more! As we settle into our favourite traditions, and write our Victorian death-themed Christmas cards, our thoughts may turn to what gifts to get our loved ones. It has been a stressful year for us all, so why not add a bit of cheer by purchasing some macabre goodies!

From memorial keepsakes to matching Christmas skull hand towels, we have something for everyone! You can check out more gift recommendations from TalkDeath here:

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*Just so you know, all of the products in this guide were selected by the TalkDeath team. We are not receiving compensation from any of the sellers to promote their products.

2020 Death Positive Gift Guide

Boyce Studio

How do you make houseplants death positive? Create an urn that is also a planter! C. C. Boyce is a woodworker based out of L.A. who creates modern, minimal handmade cremation urns that double as planters! She even has ones for your fluffy companions.

Price: $275-600

The Little Grass Hut

Viki is a self proclaimed cemetery explorer and graveyard enthusiast who runs a swampy witch’s hut filled with esoteric jewellery and galaxy pottery. Her work pulls from the cosmos with galaxy and magic inspire pottery and jeweller, but our personal favorites are her gravestone diorama domes! They would make the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of curiosities!

Price: $22-95

Memorial Keepsakes

Keeper Memorials, our sister-company, has launched a collection of personalized Keepsakes to help you showcase the memories you hold dear. From photo ornaments to canvas prints, Keepsakes by Keeper will help you bring comfort and memories this holiday season.

Price: $19 -125

El Gato Gomez

Have a loved one on your list that loves twisted Christmas art? El Gato Gomez is an artist and designer whose artwork combines a vintage aesthetic with a progressive stance. Her paintings of leaning and grinning Christmas trees remind us of the Grinch mixed with Nightmare Before Christmas *heart eyes*. Add some spooky Christmas cheer to your mantle with her original prints!

Price: $20-150

TalkDeath Scavenger Hunt List

Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide 2020

Sure, unlike Halloween, Christmas isn’t about carving pumpkins, but it definitely involves candy. If you’re looking to make your Christmas a little more spooky, check out the artists behind our Halloween Scavenger Hunt winning prizes.

Price: $2-500

Margaret Cross Jewellery

Maybe a piece of memento mori jewelry is what you are looking for this season? Her shop, Love and Loss, is a collection of fine modern mourning, memento mori, and sentimental jewellery, handmade in her Brooklyn studio using 100% recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. The pendants displayed above contain the cremated remains and hair of loved ones.

Price: $135 – 4,500

I am not so cool

I am not so cool states they have never been cool, but we would disagree with this statement. They create vintage inspired wooden jewellery and ornaments that can bring some gothic cheer to your holiday tree. They also make great stocking stuffers!

Price: $14 – 25

Skull Store

Bones, crow feathers and glass balls! No this is not the recipe for a spell, it is the Christmas ornaments you can get from SkullStore! SkullStore is Canada’s top shop for ethically and sustainably sourced natural history products, including skulls, fossils, taxidermy, minerals and oddities! They are also the official gift shop of the Prehistoria Natural History Centre in Toronto, and a great choice for a unique gift for that loved one who is always looking to expand their oddities collection!

Price: $10 – 125,000 (for a rare turtle fossil!) 


For the couple on your list, check out Ravenesk’s matching skull towels! Ravenesk is a goth mom and witch who loves making a spooktacular array of products, including wicked bags and wallets! She has a passion for embroidery and the macabre, and each piece she makes is unique! She also makes creepy holiday masks to help you stay safe while enjoying the season of gift giving!

Price: $41-93

The Crafty BurrEato

Why not include a creepy-cute card to send off with your new gift? The Crafty BurrEato is a little bit spooky, a little bit dark, and offers a selection of Christmas and unique special occasion cards! Our favourite is the bat Christmas tree!

Price: $7.50 – 20

Online Memorial Page

Sometimes the best gifts are free. This holiday season, why not collaborate with family or friends to make an online memorial celebrating the life of a loved one? Or, you can get started on crafting your own legacy! You can collect photographs, write a biography, create a family tree, post your favorite memories and then share it with those you love. Keeper online tribute pages are customizable, easy to use and absolutely free. Sharing a lifetime of memories has never been easier.

Price: FREE, or $74.99 for Keeper Plus

Paper Street Stamp Shop

Want to personalize your Christmas cards this year? Check out these personalized stamps for all your stationery and invitation needs. Paper Street Stamp Shop creates well-designed, handcrafted, custom stamps. Located in an old Victorian cottage in Louisburg, North Carolina, all their wood stamps are handcrafted from the best locally-sourced hardwoods available, and the self-inking stamps are made exclusively with eco-friendly, climate-neutral Ideal/Trodat stamps.

Price: $35-58


Have yourself a playfully creepy holiday and make your haunted dreams come true with goth themed stockings, wrapping paper, tree skirts and more! DeamosFerane is a fashion and lifestyle brand focused on Gothic, Satanic, and Witchy styles for clothing and home decor. As they state on their site “You can be as naughty as you want. Just don’t get caught…”

Price: $15 – 60


Don’t forget to support small businesses this holiday! Oh, and pick something up for yourself while you’re at it. We insist

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  1. I dunno, I came here about loss of my dad. My favorite parts of the site are helpful links and articles. my least favorite part is merch with cute or gnarly skulls. I am death positive but this is like glamour, or trivia, of something really sad. I don’t mind skulls but when you open this part of the site after engaging with talk of grief, it’s a little crude and jarring. The imagery in the merchandise doesnt seem to touch the spiritual mystery. I’m all punk af, but NOT right NOW.

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